Your Will, Lasting Power of Attorney and/or Trust paperwork are extremely important documents.

In fact, they are some of the most important documents you will ever have to write.

We provide a safe, secure annual storage plan of all your Talking Wills documents.

Once your documents have been executed, it is crucial that you take steps to store the originals securely. For example, if your original Will goes missing or is accidentally destroyed, your Executors will be unable to proceed as a mere copy cannot be admitted to Probate.

It is advised that you never keep your original documents in your home.

If you were to be burgled, or suffered a house fire or flood, for example, your documents could be damaged or even destroyed. If there are any doubts as to the contents of your documents, a court could deem them invalid.

Another factor to consider is not only that they are safe, but also that they are kept in an easily accessible place, so that they can be quickly located when they are needed. If you keep your important documents in a safe box, for example, the people trying to locate them may not be able to find it and/or unlock it.

Will Storage should be safe and off your own premises.

We provide a safe, secure annual storage plan for all your Talking Wills documents. A storage certificate is provided and relevant parties to your documents are supplied with our contact details, so you don’t have to worry about telling your Executors where your Will is held, for example.

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Prices start from just £36 per annum. Please contact us to obtain a quote.